Tulsa race riot of 1921 essay

The only preparations that were made by the whites were those done to put down and contain the blacks. Contemporary accounts centered their attention on the beginning of the riot and the armed blacks marching on the courthouse.

With the high level of unemployment, the crime rate also rose.

Tulsa race riot of 1921 essays

At daybreak, the loosely organized army of white rioters entered the black district in two movements. No one who will admit to having actually been involved have left a firsthand account of either the riot or the destruction of north Tulsa.

They were pushed back by the black defenders who were now joined by other blacks coming to defend their homes from an invasion of their district by the whites. Massacre In recent years there has been ongoing discussion about what to call the event that happened in The police, quickly joined by the few armed whites, drove the blacks north.

Discrimination has, through limiting growth possibilities and inhibiting prospects for advancement, kept this status quo. Enough evidence exists, however, to justify the drawing of certain limited conclusions.

The riot itself resulted from the presence of an armed body of blacks led by a few agitators trying to defend a black man from a perceived threat by a white population. Inthe Tulsa Tribune was a newspaper with a strong racist bias, and yellow journalistic tendencies, and thus much of its reporting is suspect.

The mutineers seized arms and ammunition and engaged in a three hour riot. When the riot ended on June 1, the official death toll was recorded at 10 whites and 26 African Americans, though many experts now believe at least people were killed.

Tulsa race riot of 1921

The trigger event only gained importance in conjunction with the ongoing attitudes and already extant tensions.

Although blacks occupied most fields of employment, they were generally barred from many of the higher status positions. There is a report of a white policeman trying to stop the white invaders at daybreak from crossing the rail-line. Washington had taught for many years that accommodation to the white position was the best idea.

As this paper has striven to show, the Tulsa race riot and the subsequent destruction of north Tulsa were separate events, and although they were closely related, they did not stem from the same causes.

This knowledge, when combined with the general feelings of black powerlessness, made it possible for a small group of activists, allegedly members of the A. For example, in the Chicago riot the trigger was insignificant, simply a young man in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the potential for violence had been prepared beforehand by years of perceived threats to white neighborhood boundaries by black economic expansion.

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (Paper)

They are the historical record. The committee to be made up of the leaders of those organizations under its suzerainty. What do YOU think?

Douglas was also present during the events of the riot, although only as an uninvolved observer. It is possible that, during this two-hour lull, the authorities could have put an end to the riot, had they taken any form of calm and decisive action directed towards that goal.

Gill tends to blame black agitators for actually starting the riot. These accounts, however, tend to ignore the retributive counter-invasion. The Tulsa Race Riot of is a little-known and somewhat misunderstood event in the history of the United States.

Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (Paper)

There followed a white response to the invasion by armed and threatening blacks who were evidently seeking violence. It seems to have been culturally normal to discriminate against black people in In Tulsa, these itinerants only increased the black population without contributing to the economy with either their money or their labor, as there were few, if any, jobs to be had.

Despite being numerically at a disadvantage, black Tulsans fought valiantly to protect their homes, their businesses, and their community. They removed them to other parts of the city, and detained them in holding centers. But it was the American Red Cross, which remained in Tulsa for months following the riot, that provided the most sustained relief effort.

1921 Tulsa Race Riot

Tulsa supported its own black business district, two high schools, a hospital, a library, and a movie theater.The Tulsa Race Riot of was one of the most traumatic race riots in the history of the United States.

Evaluating the events in retrospect, its hard to explain how such an ordeal, starting with just a simple encounter in an elevator, could have escalated into one of the deadliest extra-military conflicts ever to take place on American soil.

Read the final report issued recently by the Oklahoma Commission To Study the Oklahoma Race Riot of Click here to view a collection of photographs taken during the Tulsa race riot in Click each chapter to read more about Tulsa's race riot.

- Randy Krehbiel, World Staff Writer The Tulsa of was a humming, bustling place that reveled in the title “Oil Capital of the World.”. Tulsa race riot ofrace riot that began on May 31,in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was one of the most severe incidents of racial violence in U.S.

history. Lasting for two days, the riot left somewhere between 30 and people dead, mostly African Americans, and destroyed Tulsa’s prosperous. World Book Encyclopedia conspicuously fails to mention the Tulsa Race Riot of in any of its entries; readers won't find it under "Oklahoma", "Tulsa", or "riots" ("Black Wall Street").

It did happen, though. For many victims, the Tulsa Race Riot is very much a reality still today. Their lives were forever changed on May 31, In this paper, I will detail how the Tulsa Race Riot of was not only a civil rights movement on the part of the black people in Tulsa, but also a detailed look into the way that civil rights was handled in a deeply racially divided city as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa race riot of 1921 essay
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