Writing alumni profiles

With classmates Dennis Campbell and Chris Perkowski he co-founded Red Morning Press, an independent publisher of contemporary poetry in You must use the LSAC.

Professional and Technical Writing: Alumni Profiles

Lisa Van Wormer, M. She is as well a visual artist whose work incorporates found and original photography and text to form her own unique style of collage and mixed media art. Cofounder and coeditor of Breach Press, Martinez is working on a critical collection of essays and nonfiction.

Personal interviews are scheduled only at the request of the Admission Committee to answer questions of character and fitness. Catee Baugh now lives in Hawaii. His work there consists of creating, editing and planning content, including generating HTML content for the web and developing internal and external documentation for their knowledge base.

Our college works to prepare students for success in their careers, and your stories in the working world are an inspiration to our students. It also pleasantly relieved me of having to write conventional lead paragraphs, which I tended to flub.

Has it changed much? Student Life Where is Suffolk Law located? Her research interests include health belief systems, narrative theory, and online communities; a portion of her dissertation research, an exploration of YouTube vlogs about bipolar disorder, will be included in the edited volume Diagnosing Folklore: More than that, I learned to teach and now teach at three wonderful colleges.

Department of English & Creative Writing

I create procedure documents by witnessing component builds. I began to think of these profiles not as journalism and not as PR copy but as personality postcards. Her first book, The Miniature Room, won the T. I have a poetry manuscript that explores the theme of sexual trauma due out this summer from the GTK Press: And perhaps even further inward: How should I approach my personal statement?

My job keeps me busy, but being able to manage our customer-facing product documentation as well as our digital marketing strategy has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding. Theater of Parts investigates the performativity and consciousness of gendered embodiment through page-bound theatrical productions.

A former Walter E. This is actually exhilarating, or if not exhilarating, pleasantly crafty. A collection of 2 to 3 compelling quotes is all you need to create a testimonial. Some themes developed by successful applicants in previous years include: Carolyn Shaffer, Class of Social media coordinator, Bauer College of Business, University of Houston My PW degree gave me a well-rounded background that helped me land my current position in higher education social media.

Focus on interesting and current industry trends. What have been the biggest challenges in your career? He has regularly contributed to local and national public radioand is possibly the only person now living but consult your own Venn diagram who has written for all of the following: There is no application for this scholarship.

Remember to thank anyone you profile for their time and cooperation. To put it simply: Sincehe has been a member of the fiction faculty in the acclaimed low-res MFA program at Pacific University. Suffolk Law admits an entering class once a year for the fall semester, which begins in late August or early September.

Fiction required me to create something that no one—no teacher—had assigned. These quotes can find their way into testimonials, ads, press releases, and brochures. Request a recent photo or arrange to take a new picture to accompany your alumnus profile.MS in Professional and Technical Writing, John Morrison is a Senior Technical Writer for CDI Corporation, an East-coast based company that places IT specialists, technical communicators, and Web content developers with client companies worldwide.

Creative Writing Alumni Our Creative Writing Program prepares students with a broad and balanced program of study that emphasizes interconnections between various literary genres: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

Center for Ethics; Center for Israel Studies; Center for the Jewish Future; Center For Jewish Law; Jacob E. Safra Institute For Sephardic Studies; Makor College Experience. Greetings Alfred State Alumni! One of our primary goals for is to continue to grow our alumni networks not only in the state of New York, but around the country.

Austin College alumni are encouraged to connect at events on and off campus. If you are interested in hosting an alumni event, please contact us. Search for Graduate profiles: Use the Search options to define your results.

If you arrived at this page with pre-populated search criteria, click 'Graduate profiles' (highlighted in the left menu) to clear current results before beginning a new search.

Writing alumni profiles
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